Gambling Addiction

Gambling doesn't always get out of control. Sometimes, it can just be fun. Follow these rules and you should keep things going smoothly:

  • Keep in mind that gambling requires money. It's an entertainment form as opposed to an investment form, as well, so the casino will always win more compared to you;
  • Set strict money and time limits before gambling. If you are having trouble sticking to them, ask a friend to help you out before you get addicted.
  • Stop when you get ahead;
  • Do not play if you cannot afford losing any money;
  • If you just want to gamble for the sake of it, you definitely have a problem. Talk to family or friends before things get too serious.

When Things Get Out of Control

You may love gambling, but you should know when things are getting out of control. Sometimes, it may be hard to assess how involved you are in situations until the last minute, so try to answer these questions honestly. One "yes" to a question might mean you already have a problem at hand:

  • Do you lie about how much you gamble or to get some money to gamble away?
  • Whenever you lose, do you gamble some more in order to win your losses back?
  • Do you see gambling as the ultimate escape from life's worries and stress?
  • Do you ever miss work or school, so you can gamble?
  • Does gambling enter your mind, even when you are doing something else?

How to Deal with it

If you have already broken every rule, it is still possible to sort out your problems. Just be honest and do not run away from them. Even if you have deceived others, have a lot of debt, have resulted in criminal activities or now have relationship troubles, face your problems now before they get any worse. After all, the problem will not vanish alone. Even though things might be hard, there is just one way to set things right again.

Talk to somebody that you trust. Now, if you feel like you cannot face your family members or friends about this, counseling can offer up a confidential and safe environment, in which you can explore the different reasons behind your gambling addiction and how things spiraled out of control. Conversely, chat rooms, online forum and helplines also exist where you can confidentially open up to people who have similar problems and who will be able to understand your problems and actions overall.

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